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Are you an SME or a fast-growing business and still relying on excel reports & multiple systems to manage your daily challenges? Well, it’s time for you to consider erp software for small business.

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Our ERP Software Service & Solution

Customize ERP Development
  • Flexibility, Mobility & Interactive Dashboards
  • API development, Integration & Integration with other software
  • ERP Plugins Development
  • Hosting Options – Cloud or On Premise and Data Security
  • Update or Modify existing Features for Modules
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Customize ERP Development

Flexibility, Mobility & Interactive Dashboards

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dwsERP Software

Integrate different departments of your organization to smoothen operations.Get a complete suite of ERP solutions, Let's get you started with a free trial.

digiSchool - One System, One Dashboard

Managing a school has always been challenging With digiSCHOOL software, we have made it very easy

Key Modules: What's Included

01Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a crucial ERP module that automates online & offline marketing, thereby enhances brand awareness, lead generation and business efficiency. You can target customers, leads, and prospects with automated messages across web, email, and social media.

02Sales and CRM

Allow yourself to manage leads, follow-up reminders and target groups in a convenient manner. All organizational functions including order scheduling, order placement, and shipping can be smoothly performed; it can be also integrated with e-commerce websites.

03Purchase Management

This module consists of all functionalities including a request to vendors, quotations analysis, purchase orders authorization, stocks update, supplier/vendor listing, report update & many more. It ensures the required materials of the right- quality, price and quantity at the right time leading to the flawless performance of the organization.

04SCM & Manufacturing

With this module, you can effectively manage the flow of product items. The flow occurring from manufacturer to consumer & consumer to manufacturer. Our smooth ERP software management system to oversee demand and supply management, shipping, tracking, sales returns process, real-time data, time consumed in production.

05Inventory & Warehouse Management

Inventory and Warehouse management modules empower smooth functionality for logistics, orders, barcode printing, shipping, billing, inventory control, etc. Its importance lies in the fact that it manages activities from acquisition to final shipping and controls invoicing and sales order management.

06Project Management

Organize, schedule, plan and analyze your project timelines, and manage cost, accounting and billing through the ERP project management module. With this, you can distribute your teams across projects and effectively plan with forecasting of estimated project deadlines and also perform real timesheets comparison. 

07Distribution Management

Distribution management ERP module is a component of the logistics module and it helps the users in issues related to the sales orders, billing, and quotations. One can conveniently observe open orders, forecast activities, and sales activities. Effective distribution management helps distributors and wholesalers to carry out smooth business cycle leading to great profits.

08Human Resource Management

Professionals can use the Human Resource ERP module for the effective HR management activities including employee information, track employee records, performance reviews, skill matrix, attendance and managing payroll system. Payroll system management allows tracking important aspects like reimbursement and travel expenses.

09Accounting & Finance

Accounting and Invoicing activities can be easily managed through ERP financial management module. Bill timesheets, contracts, recurring invoices, payments, simplify accounting by keeping track of bank account activities, all paid, unpaid, drafts records can be reviewed, you can automate follow-ups, send reminders to the debtors instantly & create earnings report, cash flow statements in this module.

010Quality Management

Quality Management ERP Module will help the organization to manage raw materials, work in progress, and end products flawlessly. It ensures that all processes including procurement, production, and distribution are highly effective. Having Quality management ERP module embedded in the system, all tasks related to quality planning, quality control, and inspection are effortlessly executed.

Why dwsIT for ERP Development?

Our ERP System can benefit a business in the following ways:
  • We at dwsIT offer the best ERP solutions that are helpful in manufacturing and e-commerce industries for assimilation and automation of the business proceedings.
  • With easy and timely accessibility of information it’s easier to enhance the growth and efficiency of an organization.
  • With years of industry experience and technical expertise we design ERP software that meets the requirements of many businesses.
  • With our ERP software we help organizations in streamlining their processes and improve profit margins. At the same time also allow organizations to keep pace with ever-changing technology.
  • Reduce manual and spreadsheet-based processes by up to 70%, by using one back office system including financials, fulfillment, inventory and sales.
  • Gain daily cash balance visibility, using real-time dashboards, scorecards and KPI's.
  • Save up to 85% in IT costs associated with maintaining, integrating and upgrading separate applications.
  • Real-time visibility across the business, with 24/7 access from any browser.

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